Unique Ideas to Help Save Money: Tips to Keep More Money in Your Pocket

The cost of living is steadily climbing. It gets harder and harder just to make ends meet. Rather than get stressed out over finances, there are some things the average person or family can do to save money and live on less, yet not do without.
At the end of each day, put your change into a jar or other container. At the end of the month, you can either continue to save in this manner, roll it and use it, or deposit it into your checking or savings account. Saving lose change can add up and is a great way to save for those little extra things. It also helps to ensure that you will always have a little backup money if you need it.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Companies give away free samples of their products on an ongoing basis , from sample trial sizes to full size product samples. Using a search engine such as Google and typing in keywords like free stuff, freebies, free samples, and free product samples will bring up a host of sites offering freebies just for the asking. These sample sizes make great gift basket items, they are the perfect travel size. Free samples allow you to not only save money because you get them free but you can try the product before you buy.

If you are an avid book reader, you don’t have to pay for a book to get the latest best sellers. One of the best ways to get free books is to become a book reviewer. Publishing houses send reviewers books to read and write a book review. Some publishers also pay on top of offering the free books. Some send books that you request and others send what they want to.

Another idea to save money on the cost of books is to consider joining or starting a book sharing club with fellow book lovers. This works the same way for DVDs and videos.

Do you love the idea of having guests over for dinner but hate the cost involved? Throw a potluck. Have guests bring a dish with them. Make it a regular event. Everyone gets a delicious meal and saves money while visiting with friends.

Don’t subscribe to magazines that you don’t have time to read. Cancel subscriptions to magazines that just pile up or end up in the trash unread. If you don’t have time for it on an ongoing basis, don’t spend money on it.

Insulate your house. Save money on utility bills by having doors and windows insulated. Keep windows covered in the hot summer months to keep the cool inside.

Look for a cell phone plan that matches your needs and usage. Don’t pay for a plan that you don’t use. If you send a lot of text messages, consider opting for an unlimited plan. If you travel often, make sure that you have a plan that doesn’t have roaming charges.

When eating out, you don’t have to always pay full price for a meal. Seniors can get senior citizen discounts for meals, which can add up to a nice savings. Eating buffet offers not only a wider variety of dishes, but it’s usually much less than purchasing the same dish off the buffet table. Some restaurants offer an all you can eat buffet which works great for the hungry members of your party.

When traveling and vacationing, save money by traveling in off seasons. Motels usually have much lower rates in off seasons, when there isn’t a major holiday or event going on. Airfare is also much lower on off peak travel times.

Shop for gifts immediately after a major holiday like Christmas. Stores mark down unsold merchandise at huge discounts. Stock up and use the gifts for the next Christmas holiday or birthdays. Instead of paying full price for the same thing, buying after a holiday can save you a lot of money. This is also the time to buy Christmas wrapping paper and other holiday items at a substantial savings.

Don’t throw away perfectly good items that you no longer want or need. Instead, sell them on an auction site such as eBay or hold a garage sale. Items such as books, clothing, baby items, toys, computers, software, DVDs, home decorating items, jewelry, and the like can be sold.

Going out to see a movie can be costly when taking the family at peak show times. Instead of going at the peak hours to see a movie, go during the day when the price is usually much less.

There are many others ways to help save money on the cost of everyday living. Rebate programs and using coupons can help save money on groceries. Keeping your automobile in good running order helps save money on gas. Waiting for sales and bargains instead of paying regular price is a good idea.